As an organization founded on social cooperation and human progress principles, Green Sands Equity strives to engage and encourage individuals or organizations who show potential for excellence and profound impact on the world. We understand that the likelihood of realizing excellence and impact is often tied to opportunity. Therefore, as an organization with resources, we believe that we bear a social responsibility to aid such extraordinary individuals or organizations to realize their greatest potential. Through funding, network, and partnership, we provide Green Sands Prize recipients with the resources and opportunities they need to succeed.

Tenzin Seldon

Tenzin was raised as a refugee in the Indian Himalayas, her family having fled there from Tibet. Tenzin is the founder of Kinstep, a social enterprise platform that connects refugees and immigrants to safe and steady jobs to better integrate into their new home countries. Tenzin serves as Senior Advisor, Board Member of Earth's Call Fund, in partnership with Lever for Change, which deployed 100M for solutions in the climate crisis. Today Tenzin Seldon is the Co-Founder & Chief Executive of The Plant, creating and building a global home for climate solutions.


She graduated top of her class at Stanford University, followed by the University of Oxford, where she was the first Tibetan-American Rhodes Scholar. Tenzin's work has been recognized around the world: as a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree and Forbes magazine "Most Likely to Impact the Next Century," World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Shaper, a Henry S. Truman Scholar, and one of Ozy Magazine's "5 Civil-Rights Leaders for a New Generation". In 2018, she received the 21st Century Icon Award from the London Stock Exchange.

Tenzin brings the gift of transcendent perspective to Silicon Valley, the corporate and political world, by reminding us of the importance of our past and present in a world mainly focused on the short-term future. Her contributions to corporate responsibility and her mindful perspective on innovation have a profound and far-reaching impact on business.

As a civil rights leader, Tenzin has spent her career advocating for disenfranchised communities, taking on seemingly impossible conflicts. She has lead Climate Justice League chapters around the US. She led the United Nations Regional Office of Asia and the Pacific and was honoured at the United Nations as an Innovative Disrupter. 

2019 Honoree
Tenzin Seldon