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Green Sands Global Summit is an exclusive, off the record, by invitation only meeting of 50 global leaders that span intelligentsia, business, and government. 

New Points of View in Plain Sight
Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be.


FOUNDER | CEO    Green Sands Equity 

We seek alternate ways of looking at our lives and the world in every discipline. Finding a new way to look at our own world has been a focus of Silicon Valley for some time now. How does AI solve problems differently than humans? How do alternate states of mind help us think differently? How do we build for a future that we cannot entirely imagine? But in looking so hard, have we lost sight of what is all around us?


Are we missing frequencies we do not tune into? At the second annual Green Sands Global Summit at the San Francisco Opera House, such questions were explored in a unique way. While the audience was global as usual, consisting of Sovereign Wealth Funds and family offices representing 18 countries across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, the focus was on looking inward rather than outwards.

In a room where people in the audience were as much, if not more powerful than those on stage, it was a true summit of global intelligentsia and leaders. Making a product that the globe buys is not what makes us global, engaging the globe in the making is profoundly different and necessary in building tomorrow.

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Left to Right: Chris Downey (CEO Arch4blind), Eric Harr (CEO Laudato Si Challenge), Joon Yun (President Palo Alto Investors), Tenzin Seldon (CEO Kinstep), Haben Girma (Design thinking deaf-blind lawyer and technologist), Francis DeSouza (CEO Illumina), Scott Jacobs (CEO Generate Capital), Hemant Taneja (Partner General Catalyst), Patrick Fu (Partner Sequoia), Charles Kim (Managing Director China Renaissance Bank), Bilal Zuberi (Partner Lux Capital), Raphael Candas (Post Doc 3B’s Research Group), Caitlin Sparks (Former Partner Full Cycle Fund), Ethan Chaleff (Nuclear System Engineer Kairos Power), Malcolm Handley (Managing Partner Strong Atomics), Shadi Sanbar (Managing Director GSE), Bill Chua (Managing Director GSE), Markus Rosgen (Emerging Market Strategist Citi Group), Reema Khan (Founder CEO GSE)


Sal Khan - Founder & CEO, Khan Academy | Francis Desouza - CEO, Illumina | Lily Sarafan - CEO, HCA | Sebastian Thrun - Founder, Google X, and Waymo | Rob Jasminski – Head of Global Markets, Citibank | Dr. Zuhair Fayaz – Saudi Arabian Architect and Technologist | Gov. Tom Ridge – First Homeland Security Secretary | Hussain Dawood - Chairman, Engro Corp. & Dawood Hercules | Reema Khan – CEO, Green Sands Equity | Bill Chua – Partner, GSE.

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"I’m a firm believer that my country the United States can have geopolitical influence in three different ways around the world. 1- Military, 2- Diplomacy, 3- Soft Power of corporate engagement. I’m a firm believer in soft power and this is how I met Reema. How we do business elsewhere reflects our values, our respect, and our embrace of the cultures of the countries we operate in. We leave behind not just buildings and infrastructure but the right way to do business. Despite all the problems in the world, we need to be more engaged not less engaged. The private sector has a very important role to play today." - Tom Ridge

First Homeland Security Secretary - Gov. Tom Ridge, Founder CEO, Ridge Global, in conversation with Reema Khan - Founder CEO, Green Sands Equity Inc.

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World's Smallest Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Nanochip and its Applications - A Presentation by Japanese Scientist / Engineer 

Dr. Katsuji Kuboe - ex NASA & NEC


"Philosophers like Hume and Descartes and Hobbes saw things similarly. They thought that mental images and ideas were actually the same thing. There are those today that dispute that, and lots of debates about how the mind works, but for me it's simple: Mental images, for most of us, are central in inventive and creative thinking." - Mary Lou Jepsen

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(Left) Principal Investigator of NASA's Planetary Data System Rings Node - Mark Showalter Recognized with the 2021 Harold Masursky Award by Division for Planetary Sciences. (Right) Reema Khan - CEO, Green Sands Equity with 2019 Green Sands Prize Honoree Tenzin Seldon.

"Perhaps the question to ask is not where to invest in AI, but also investing in what AI cannot do."  

- Sebastian Thrun
 Founder Waymo, Google X, Udacity, Kitty Hawk

“Singapore’s culture was dramatically changed by the redesign of its city layout and buildings. The same impact of design and use of space holds true for Middle East’s future." 

- Dr Zuhair Fayez
 Founder/ CEO ZFP Architects Saudi Arabia 

"We build on the work of many that came before us and many will build upon our work, so let’s worry less about making our mark, and focus more on making a contribution."

- Reema Khan
  Founder / CEO Green Sands Equity

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