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Dr. Tadahiro Kajiyama

Managing Director

Location:  Tokyo


Dr. Kajiyama represents GSE as it's Japan PE Fund Manager. He has had a dynamic and prolific career spanning the health sector as well as the financial and technology sector. After over 10 years experience both as a medical doctor and professor, Dr. Kajiyama diversified his entrepreneurial career and emerged as a seasoned serial entrepreneurs in the technology and financial industry.

Dr. Kajiyama began his career as a medical doctor and professor specialized in nephrology while also gathering a deep understanding of Japanese healthcare industry to emerge as an innovative investor. Securities Investment and Risk Management were the next horizon for Dr. Kajiyama in which he founded companies in Cyber Security as well as a Crypto Currency Exchange in Singapore and Tokyo. He also maintains Currency Exchange Brokerage services in Malaysia, Singapore, and Japan on behalf of GSE.

Language: Japanese

Juntendo University

Yamanashi Medical University

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