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Green Sands strives to engage and encourage individuals or organizations who have profound impact on the world either through inspiration or aspiration.

The Green Sands Inspiration Prize is awarded to trailblazers who have the courage to go first, take on risks and personal responsibility to open a path for others to follow. We believe in an inherent obligation to acknowledge excellence, for in celebrating the extraordinary achievements of others, we not only honor their tireless endeavors but also inspire a culture that embraces greatness. By acknowledging excellence, we become catalysts of growth and empowerment.

The Green Sands Aspiration Prize is given to those who show potential for excellence and profound impact on the world through their meaningful, constructive goals. They translate their ideas into action, navigate obstacles and challenges along the way turning aspirations and intentions into tangible results. Through partnership, connectivity to our network, and funding, we provide Green Sands Aspiration Prize recipients with the resources and opportunities they need to succeed.

Biennially, Green Sands, under the direction of Chairwoman Reema Khan, sets the target focus area for the prize, by which a nomination committee consisting of subject matter experts and key opinion leaders is assembled to nominate the recipient of the prize.

Gwynne - Edited

“Most significantly, she embodies the trust that we, as a collective, place in her, even in the presence of a groundbreaking and ambitious leader. It is Gwynne who plays a pivotal role in fostering the necessary relationships with government leaders, transforming them into trusted partners. She finds solutions and creates culture. Her track record and numerous successes are a testament to her indispensable contributions. In fact, it is difficult to envision another individual, be it male or female, who can match her level of accomplishment and the overall impact she has made in the field of space technology. However, what truly sets her apart is her remarkable ability to assemble and lead teams that achieve unparalleled success, a feat not commonly observed elsewhere. Without a doubt, Gwynne is deserving of this prestigious recognition.” – Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen

Gwynne Shotwell




Kizzmekia Corbett.jpg

"I would like for every little girl to look at me and say, 'I can be a scientist too'. I would like to clear away barriers that keep many young girls from achieving at the highest of levels. Making the world aware that women are worthy."

Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett




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