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Global Summit

Green Sands Global Summit is an exclusive, off the record, invitation only meeting of 50 global leaders that span intelligentsia, business, and government.


“Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be”

Reema Khan
Founder / CEO 
Green Sands Equity

"The United States can have geopolitical influence in three different ways. Military, Diplomacy, and Soft Power of corporate engagement. I’m a firm believer in soft power and this is how I met Reema. How we do business elsewhere reflects our values, respect, and our embrace of the cultures of the countries we operate in”

Gov. Tom Ridge
Homeland Security Secretary

Highlighted Guests

Chris Downey
Mary Lou Jepsen
Francis DeSouza
Hemant Taneja
Sebastian Thrun
Sal Khan
Lily Sarafan
Gov. Tom Ridge
Nikesh Arora
Rosie Rios
Eric Weinstein

Previous Summits

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