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"In today's global marketplace, international capital mobility and social cooperation are vital for true progress and sustained profitability."

Reema Khan

Founder | CEO

Green Sands Equity

Location: San Francisco

Reema founded Green Sands Equity in June 2016 and is currently based in GSE's San Francisco office.  She is responsible for all aspects of the firm's investment strategy, team and operations across GSE's global network. Reema also specializes in strategic advisory for governments in their branding for Foreign Direct Investment. GSE's vast political and diplomatic network makes GSE one of the top strategy advisors to governments. Since 2018, Reema has been a Managing Member of the United Nations Women in Science & Technology Platform on behalf of Royal Academy of Science International.

In philanthropic endeavours, Reema hosts the annual "Green Sands Global Summit," an exclusive, off the record, by invitation only meeting of 50 global leaders that span intelligentsia, business, and government. In 2019, Reema started the "Green Sands Prize" which honors an individual or organization with the potential for profound impact. The Prize provides both a financial grant and partnership to advance the work of an exceptional individual or organization. Reema seeded the endowment fund for the SETI Institute and is the Chairman of the SETI Institute’s endowment committee. SETI  (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) was previously a division of NASA, later privatized. In 2017, Reema was awarded the 21st Century Icon Award in Finance by CNBC.

New York University

University of Rochester

American University in Cairo

Languages: English, French, Arabic, Hindi

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